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profimedia was founded in 2004 and is based in Novazzano (Ticino). Managing director is Roger Lustenberger.
The activities of profimedia are based on the idea of creating interaction, setting people free and making creativity visible and experienceable in many different ways.
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WHAT WE DO Media Service

With the Media Service from Profimedia, it’s all about You and Your Production. Whether it’s music, literature, clothes, or any other product, Profimedia provides services where the customer is at the center and where all our knowledge is at the service of your success.
Our services can be provided as a package, or selected individually – customised to your needs. Thereafter, an overview of our services.
Contact us – we look forward to planning a successful future with you.


We realise products from the concept to the publication. We take care of Product Management, Promotion and Marketing Coordination, Design, Production, Sales and Accounting. With our broad knowledge of all disciplines, we advise and support you until all the requirements are met.


Diverse graphic works are needed for every production. The photoshoot, the editing of the pictures taken, the creation of the artwork and the development of promo-material shall be named as a few examples. Furthermore, there are graphic works needed independently from productions which shows the artist in a professional light. Profimedia has the experience and the network to fully advise and serve you in these areas.


The deployment and maintenance of a web presence takes a lot of time and know-how. Profimedia looks after the website, as well as the increasingly important presence in social media. The webpresence is developed together with you and will be kept current and constantly optimized by profimedia.


Profimedia advises you in the field of publishing. Moreover, you will be supported in your communication with the different copyright societies, all the different settlements as well as with the submission of documents. In its publishing division profimedia also strives to commercialise your work in diverse different fields.


Profimedia has its own sales channels in the physical as well as in the digital domains. It is also possible to arrange special promotions together with the appropriate dealers and for us to provide physical products placements at local and national dealers.


Profimedia puts you in contact with events organisers and supports you in your communication and arrangements.


Profimedia strives to make sure you get an appropriate media presence. This includes amongst others the work of sampling radio stations, newspapers, journals and TV stations, as well as organising interviews.


Profimedia also stands by you when it comes to organisational things. Nothing serves profimedia and the public more than if you are totally focused on your calling.


At profimedia you are central which is why a personal relationship with you is an important principle in the work of profimedia. Your individual development is always in focus. The place of business of profimedia in Novazzano (Ticino) can be used amongst others as a safe haven, a room for inspiration or simply for an encouraging evening full of Dolce Vita.


profimusic works and thinks in an innovative way: we are offering an all around service which can be chosen as a package or individually fitted to your needs.
It is a huge concern for profimusic to support the artistic independency and freedom of each one of you. Close bonds will be formed with you and further cultivated. Because profimusic is independent from external distributors and therefore free of stylistic requirements, you are not forced into any existing patterns and schemes. profimusic benefits from the digitalisation by working with the latest service and communication channels. profimusic proves itself to be a very involved partner for you by providing social-marketing, media work, web design, coaching and many more services.
In the short history of profimusic and profimedia, the label could already celebrate lots of charthits, international contracts, as also gold- and platinawards. To the versatile directory of profimusic belong such artists as Flava & Stevenson, Whitepumpkin, Melissa Lischer, Gionathan, Highland Sanctuary, Moo Malika and Naeman. profimusic is also member of SUISA (eligible to vote), IndieSuisse and the IFPI.


The Restaurant Ticino is part of the work of profimedia and wants to be a place where its guests feel at home and where the passion not only for good food and drink, but also for community and art can be felt. Together with the work of profimedia and goiAcasa, the restaurant creates a place where meeting, relaxation, art, culture and culinary experiences come together.


On the top floor of the Restaurant Ticino and the profimedia offices is the goiAcasa, a private pension run by the Lustenberger family. It is possible to rent single rooms, but also the entire apartment. The spaces are also used for artist work, such as songwriting events, coaching and other creative and consulting activities.

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ilovejesus.ch is another branch of profimedia and is specialized in Christian media. In addition to the production of Christian books and music, an online store for Christian books, films, music, accessories and much more is run under the web address www.ilovejesus.ch.



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