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Matadora by DJ Ala, The Romy & Fel-X

profimedia | March 3, 2019

MATADORA is the next single released by DJ Ala from Ticino together with The Romy and Fel-X. The song is about the love for a woman who, despite the pain and exhaustion, you are not able to let go. The Matadora takes the control over the man, leading him to […]

New Release

Lemon Haze by David Kawka

profimedia | March 2, 2019

Military service is creative? Probably not really, but it can indeed lead to creative moments … LEMON HAZE was produced by David Kawka, producer and DJ from Biel, during his military service. He finished his military service and production by spending a weekend in Amsterdam. LEMON HAZE is an absolute […]


Intuition by Decibel Artforce

profimedia | March 1, 2019

Everyone goes his own way. You don’t know if you will turn left or right at the next intersection. You drive towards the sunset and don’t know that tomorrow will be. You trust your gut feeling, your intuition and enjoy the moment. Close your eyes and let the groovy beat […]

New Release

Fade by Anna Lux

profimedia | February 8, 2019

Das Debutalbum WUNDERLAND von Anna Lux stieg in der Schweiz auf Platz 6 der Albumcharts ein und erhielt hervorragende Kritiken. „…Dark Wave vom Feinsten…“ (, „…Die sensitiven Texte auf Deutsch tun ein Übriges, um „Wunderland“ zu einem der Pop-Highlights der Saison zu machen…“ (, Newcomer des Monats (Orkus Magazin) sind […]

New Release

Pam Pam by DJ Ala

profimedia | December 28, 2018

We place the launch pad for the year 2019 with a colorful super banger: PAM PAM is the title of the new reggaeton song by DJ Ala! The extensive vinyl collector, DJ and producer living in Ticino, works together with the Cuban Fel-X and the Dominican The Romy on this […]

New Release

Dancing in Shanghai by Jack Dylan

profimedia | December 14, 2018

Already at the age of 6 Jack Dylan started his musical activities and began to learn playing drums, violin, guitar and piano. This was the perfect foundation when he started producing electronic music at the age of 14. Since then, he has appeared on several chart albums and singles with […]


Angel by Flava & Stevenson

profimedia | December 7, 2018

This year Flava & Stevenson and FreeG were in the Swiss Single Charts for a total of 13 weeks with Summer Love, Feet in the Sand and The Great Escape. Summer Love even stayed in the top 10 for two weeks. Now the two successful acts from Berne, with the […]


Close to Me by Dany Zarah

profimedia | November 30, 2018

“Close to Me” is an energetic, melodic song with pop and rock influences. Dany Zarah: “Like most of the songs I write, CLOSE TO ME was born out of the need to express a feeling and reflect on the current topic of prejudice. I think this song conveys a strong, […]

New Release

Gimme Some by Lerocque

profimedia | November 23, 2018

The moment when someone unique enters the room and casts a spell over you. When everything else suddenly becomes unimportant and a small glow turns into a blazing fire. This is exactly the moment that Lerocque’s latest single GIMME SOME is all about. After the dance song LIFT ME UP, […]

New Release

Psycho Pulse by Simone Speranza

profimedia | November 23, 2018

Do you come into a world of fear and scare? After Simone Speranza has taken us to a cheerful sound collage with Amy Joy, Psycho Pulse is going into dark field. Immersed in the sound, you quickly imagine yourself as a superhero who fights his way through enemy territory and […]


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