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profimedia | September 28, 2018

Decibel Artforce are one of the primary rocks of the Swiss dance music scene. Founded in 1996, they look back on an eventful time. Live, Decibel Artforce are known for their great shows and their extravagant LED suits. After two years of creative break, Decibel Artforce are now back and […]

New Release

Lift Me Up by Lerocque

profimedia | September 7, 2018

Love between two people knows no boundaries. It is a language that every person masters from birth and hopes for the day when this unmistakable language can be spoken to someone. “Lift Me Up” tells a story of the first tentative getting to know each other and how the love […]


Wunderland by Anna Lux

profimedia | August 24, 2018

GERMAN Nach einer ersten Tour, mit hervorragenden Rückmeldungen von Publikum und Journalisten, veröffentlichen Anna Lux ihr Debut Album WUNDERLAND. Mit ihrem unverkennbaren Sound gelingt Anna Lux der Spagat zwischen Dark Rock und radiotauglichem deutschen Pop-Rock wie noch keiner anderen Band zuvor. Für die sympathische Frontfrau Anna ist Multitasking kein Fremdwort. […]

New Release

Summer Love by Flava & Stevenson

profimedia | August 17, 2018

What’s happening with Flava & Stevenson? For a long time the two trendsetters of the Swiss dance and party scene were rather quiet. But Flava & Stevenson weren’t actually inactive: both became daddies in the meantime! The two sandbox friends remained true to their line and instantly appointed each other […]

New Release

Not Alone by Plassix&Puso

profimedia | August 10, 2018

Han Solo and Chewbacca, cinema and popcorn, gin and tonic, there are many more examples of how two wonderful ingredients become a strong team and experience. This is also the case with Plassix and Puso. The two from Bern, so far solo on the road, have come together as Plassix&Puso […]

New Release

7 Fragen by Anna Lux

profimedia | August 4, 2018

After a first tour, with excellent feedback from audience and journalists, on August 24th Anna Lux will release their debut album WUNDERLAND. Before that, their third single “7 Fragen” will be released on August 3rd. A modern beat and a catchy melody let this song get under your skin immediately. […]

New Release

Feet in the Sand by FreeG

profimedia | August 3, 2018

For seven week his last single THE GREAT ESCAPE was on the Swiss single charts (peak 25). This is just one of many chart successes of the musician and producer from Switzerland, who has already been crowned with gold and platinum. For his latest single he has teamed up with […]

New Release

Let go by John Hänni

profimedia | July 25, 2018

Sometimes there are moments in life when you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. From such a moment the new single “Let Go” by John Hänni was born. The song is about letting go of our familiar circumstances, leaving the comfort zones, accepting failure, and concentrating our strength on what […]

New Release

Cryptical by daFOO

profimedia | June 15, 2018

Sun, blue sky, the doorbell rings, daFOO opens the door and a man tells him about chemtrails through which the white stripes in the sky arise. The Swiss government and many others are spreading poison to keep population growth under control. When daFOO informed himself about it on the internet, […]


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