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Bigger Than by Moo Malika

profimedia | May 17, 2019

There are days when you hear the negative voice in your head louder than usual. It tries to prevent you from reaching your goals by sowing dissatisfaction, discomfort and doubts in your mind. And it succeeds – you make yourself small and put yourself down. As a newcomer, Moo Malika knows this voice all too well. For some time, she’s been constantly asking herself: “Am I good enough? Am I doing everything the right way? Can I be myself?” She finally decided that she didn’t want to give that voice any more room and went on to write a constructive song. After all, we are BIGGER THAN we are. A crazy construct, a miracle and much stronger and better than we think. That vision didn’t release it’s grip on Moo Malika and that’s why she met up with her team in Berlin to put these feelings into a song –that was the birth of BIGGER THAN. It was recorded by Ben Mühlethaler in Bern – Moo’s place to be. Malika about the song: “When I hear the chorus I imagine closing my eyes, everything around me getting colourful and me jumping off a cliff. I open my arms, fly over the sea like a bird and feel the primal power of my ancestors inside me. No matter how loud the negative voice in my head was before, at this moment it is nowhere to be heard and I fly”.

Written by profimedia


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